Akita Dogs

about banner1 Akita DogsThe Akita is a dog breed that originates from Japan.  They are medium to large sized dog.  They are known for having a furry over coat that can be cream spotted with colors like red or sesame.  They have hooded eyes and the eyes are actually slanted.  These dogs are extremely strong and muscular, so they make really great guard dogs.  For this reason, no one would under estimate nor should they underestimate the strength and the power of the Akita.  Not only are they physically strong, but they’re extremely mentally strong.  They have  high sense of self, they’re extremely courageous, and as far as dogs go they have a superiority complex.  If the human owner likes these type of dogs but the human owner should be aware that the Akita requires lots of ongoing training.  The training should begin from the moment the human owner takes possession of the dog.

The reason is because this dog is known for having very strong aggression issues. Aggression issues can be a problem in any breed of dog but while some breeds of dogs are extremely friendly and even submissive, the Akita is on the opposite spectrum of this personality.  There is nothing submissive about the Akita whatsoever.  The Akita has such a strong sense of self and superiority, that if the human owner doesn’t take control of them as the a,  the dog will immediately start marking its boundaries and claiming its territory as the alpha even over the humans.  So it’s very important that the humans not only consistently train this dog, but that all members of the family established themselves as wrong also members.  This is the only way the AP that will respect the human family.  Make no mistake; the Akita refuses to respect anyone in the human pack and it will establish itself if they aren’t broken of this.

Because the Akita is so physically and mentally strong, they will not go get along well with other dogs.  If the human owner decides that the Akita is the only dog will this won’t be a problem.  However if the human owners has a house full of other dogs, they should be well aware of the fact that it refuses to be part of their pack.  Concerning health issues for the Akita, this dog needs a lot of exercise any needs to be spent into a yard.  This is not the type of dog it should be kept into small spaces or small part in it.  This is definitely a yard dog.

Overall, people price the Akita for its beauty.  While it is a beautiful and majestic dog, this is not a dog for those who are afraid of dogs oral or looking for a dog that is more like a retriever in temperament. This is the dog for someone who loves spending a lot of quality training time on a dog. This is what the Akita will require, and nothing less.

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