A Guide to Office Cleaning

If you want to keep your place of business looking good and make sure employees are healthy and productive, you’re going to need to worry about cleanliness. A commercial business needs to make cleaning a priority, as there is a lot that goes into maintaining the level of sanitation in a highly trafficked workplace.

Let’s go over some of the supplies you’ll need for your business to remain prim and pristine along with tips for cleaning the space.

Essential Supplies

There’s quite a bit you’re going to need on hand if you want to keep things nice and neat, including:

·    Bath tissues

·    Glass cleaner

·    Gloves

·    Hand soap

·    Broom

·    Bucket

·    Mops

·    Trash bags

·    Sponges

You can save plenty of time and money by working with a company that specializes in commercial cleaning in Sandy, UT. These professionals have supplies already, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing cleaning supplies for your business.

Daily Tasks

Some things in your office will need to be done on a daily basis, such as emptying trash cans and refilling toilet paper dispensers. Some additional tasks include:

·    Sanitizing heavily used areas

·    Disinfecting counters and desks

·    Cleaning bathrooms

·    Mopping or vacuuming flooring

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Weekly Tasks

Each week, you should have a thorough cleaning done on your facility. Make sure that any markings or spots are cleaned and dust surfaces to ensure that air quality is maintained. It’s a good practice to empty refrigerators and freezers each week as well, minimizing clutter and getting rid of old food that may contain or spread bacteria.

There are also bigger tasks that may need to be done on a monthly or yearly basis, but you can speak with cleaning companies about the specifics of what your business needs in order to thrive and remain clean.