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Knock-Knock, We’ve Come To Repair Your Door

It almost sounds like a bit of cruel irony. Because – knock-knock – what do we have here? A door repair service los angeles call out knocking on a door that is, well, broken. Was the door ajar by the time the door repair man arrived at the premises? This is possible.

But security – or the lack thereof – being as it is these days, the property owner probably and nervous too, prepared a makeshift opening and closing procedure. The door not being able to lock, thanks to being broken, it could not be closed properly. Every time the hapless owner tried to close the door, it swung right back open on its hinges.

This is very awkward indeed. Sometimes it can be pretty dangerous. This could be a rough neighborhood. The cops already have more than enough on their plates, and the security guard already left the building.

Early, before his shift ended, client located his boss, boss called him in, and yes, he was fired. Too easy to hire and fire these days, and maybe that is still a good thing. Because really, it is not asking too much to just do your job properly.

door repair service los angeles

Yes, it can be dangerous, no one faults you for that, but you know what they say, if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, then best leave. If you don’t like the work, leave, quit rather, and let someone else in who will. Speaking of which, the door is already open, so come on right in.

Fortunately, the door repair man is part of an essential services order. No one can afford to have a broken door. It must be working at all times. That is essential. And yes, essential service providers usually cater for emergencies, as in the case above.