Differences Between An Implantologist And A Regular Dentist

Dentistry is a wide field that does not involve only teeth cleaning and cavity filling. There are several fields of dentistry including implantology, orthodontics, and many others. If you’ve been wondering about the difference between implant dentistry in West Melbourne and regular dentistry, continue reading this article for more information.

What is Implantology

implant dentistry in West Melbourne

Implantology is the field of dentistry that offers the placement of implants in the patient’s month. Implants are used either to restore damaged or missing teeth or to fill the gaps left by broken teeth.

Implantology further includes periodontics and maxillofacial surgery. Both the fields focus on fixing permanent implants into the jaw. Implantology focuses on creating implants, placing them, and matching them with the rest of the teeth to make them have a natural look.

Dental Implants By General Dentists

By general dentists, we mean dentists who are not specialized in implantology. A general dentist might be able to look into the problem and check whether or not you require an implant.

If the dentist has added training and certification in implant placement, they might do so. However, very rarely do they have the training to create implants.

What Does A Dentist Have To Do To Become An Implantologist

Most implantologists are associated with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. To get a fellowship with AAID, a dentist has to do the following things.

·    Complete 300 hours of education on implant dentistry or graduating from some prosthodontics or oral and maxillofacial surgery program.

·    Get significant surgical experience in implant placement.

·    Pass a series of oral and written exams related to implantology.

Final Verdict

Whenever you face issues with your teeth, consider visiting a specialist. Specialists have dedicatedly studied and practiced how to solve your medical issues. If you’re not sure which specialist you should go to, you can consult a general dentist and ask for their advice.