DIY Furnace Maintenance: Prolong & Protect Your system

If you want to maintain your furnace, there are a few important steps that you should take to do that. Your furnace is made to provide comfort throughout the winter but it does this only when it is well-maintained. It is up to you to maintain the unit. Yes, you do need a professional to come out each year to maintain the unit but there are also a number of steps that you can take to keep the furnace working the way that it should.

It costs a few hundred dollars to call out a professional to make a repair to the furnace when something goes wrong and so much more if a replacement unit is needed for the home. For some people, it’s not a lot of money but they certainly have many other uses for the cash. For other people, it’s a considerable amount of cash they’d rather not spend. Here are a few things that you can do to detect furnace trouble.

·    Carefully inspect and check all the settings on the furnace thermostat to ensure that it is kicking off and on. Turn it up by 2 degrees increments to see if the unit will turn on. If not, it’s time to pick up the phone to call for help.

·    It is fairly easy to trip the circuit breakers and many times, you don’t notice right way. If you suspect that the circuit breakers have tripped or that fuse is blown, it is time to make that call to a professional to get a repair.

·    Check the oil levels on the furnace if using an oil furnace or the fuel supply if using a gas furnace.  Sometimes it is nothing more than low oil that causes problems.

·    Make sure that the gas valve and the pilot light are both turned to the ‘on’ position.  This may seem like common sense and like a problem that couldn’t possibly affect you but it happens often. It is incredible how many people find out their furnace issues are all caused due to a system that has been accidently turned off. Do not make this same mistake.

circuit breakers have tripped furnace running but not blowing air

·    Schedule annual maintenance service with the professionals. They’ll inspect the unit and make sure that it is free of defects that can cause breakdown. If defects are found, they’ll make those repairs to reduce your worries and headaches. What could be better?

Is it Time to Make That Call?

Sometimes you will need to call in a professional. Do not delay that call when the signs suggest that it is time. Maybe your furnace running but not blowing air or maybe it won’t come on at all. There are a slew of problems that may affect the furnace and the way that it operates. A professional is there to ensure that you know what the problem is and get the repair made fast. You depend on your furnace and shouldn’t be without it any longer than necessary wen repair experts are nearby.