Tools Used In Carpentry Services

Ever wondered what kind of tools are used in carpentry services and what are their specific functions? Well, today, you are going to learn about the most important tools.

To help you understand better, below mentioned is a descriptive list of the major tools that carpenters use around us and what services do these tools provide. Read below

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is a basic tool that you would find with every carpenter. This is not an ordinary hammer but a two-faced one. One face serves as the hammering head, which can be used in striking nails into hard surfaces.

The second face, on the other hand, is used to pull out screws from hard surfaces. The structure of this tool is so to provide a balance between both ends while making use of each head. Using these, carpentry services in wichita, ks provide you the best woodwork.


This is one of the tools that we usually find with the workmen but don’t know what it is called. It is a simple tool that carpenters use to carve out wood. The detailed floral or geometric patterns that you see on any of your furniture is usually made by using a chisel.


This tool is either made out of metal or even wood. It is mainly used to check the level of a surface that a ruler doesn’t help with. To bring out the correct measurement, it has a bar fixed inside that is filled with a liquid. Through this liquid, the level of slant or tilt comes out easily.

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The above-mentioned tools are what carpenters regularly use to produce beautiful pieces of art around us. Each tool of carpentry has a specific function that no other tool can replace.